In Season Two, the Romans are here and they’re set to stay. Two years on from his invasion of Britannia, with the help of Celt Queen Amena, General Aulus is busy Romanising willing Celt tribes and crushing those who try to resist. Aulus’ behaviour raises suspicions that he has another agenda; one that raises ghosts in Amena’s past and makes the threat he poses to the Druids ever more critical. The only form of hope for the people of Britannia is Cait, a young girl being trained by outcast Druid Divis, to fulfil a prophecy that would save the Celts and Druids from the rule of their Roman occupiers. But when a dead man wakes, two Druid brothers begin an epic battle of wills that divides their kind, and puts Cait and Divis’ quest, and the prophecy itself in jeopardy.

Season Two of Britannia is written by Jez, Tom and John-Henry Butterworth.

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