In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, America Divided, the EPIX Original docu-series created by Solly Granatstein, Lucian Read, and Richard Rowley, with executive producers Norman Lear, Common and Shonda Rhimes, and produced by DividedFilms in association with RadicalMedia, features narratives around inequality in education, housing, healthcare, labor, criminal justice and the political system – all woven into an eight-story, five-part series. The show follows high-profile correspondents as they explore aspects of inequality related to their own biographies. Correspondents include: Common, Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera, Zach Galifianakis, Norman Lear, Amy Poehler, Peter Sarsgaard, and Jesse Williams.

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  • Common

    Executive Producer/Correspondent

  • Shonda Rhimes

    Executive Producer

  • Norman Lear

    Executive Producer/Correspondent

  • Richard Rowley

    Creator/Executive Producer

  • Lucian Read

    Creator/Executive Producer/Director of Photography

  • Solly Granatstein

    Creator/Executive Producer

  • A House Divided: Norman Lear

  • Home Economics: Amy Poehler

  • Flint Michigan: Rosario Dawson


Premiered May 4, 2018 on EPIX

The critically-acclaimed documentary series America Divided‘s four-part second season explores the most provocative news headlines and cultural topics in recent months.

Gretchen Carlson, who recently made her own personal story of harassment public, takesviewers to the halls of Congress to uncover a culture of sexual harassment, held in place for decades by a deeply flawed system.  In addition, viewers will witness the complex and often-tedious journey of her efforts to get a bipartisan bill introduced in both the House and Senate to better help harassment victims in the workplace.

Diane Guerrero, actor and activist, travels to Houston, Texas to witness the growing conflict over sanctuary cities in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Native American actor Martin Sensmeier travels to San Juan County, Utah, to investigate the controversy over the Bears Ears National Monument. While there, he  uncovers the decades of struggle for equality by the county’s Native citizens.

Nick Offerman travels to the coal country of eastern Kentucky to investigate the looming collapse of the coal industry and explores its legacy.  While there he meets the rising voices calling for a different future.

Jussie Smollett travels to Tennessee to witness the growing movement to bring down Confederate monuments and commemorate the deaths of thousands of African-Americans lynched during decades of racial terror.

America Divided is produced by Divided Films in association with RadicalMedia. In addition to Lear, Carlson and Smollett, America Divided is executive produced by Lucian Read and Richard Rowley for Divided Films; Read also serves as show-runner and director. Jon Kamen and Justin Wilkes serve as executive producers for RadicalMedia. Lear’s producing partner, Brent Miller, serves as an executive producer for their Act III Productions.  Shoshana Guy serves as co-executive producer.