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  • SEASON FINALE: PUNK episode 104 premieres Monday, April 1st at 10 PM ET/PT, 9 C

    “Part 4”: Despite itself, punk breaks big, highlighting the talents of Nirvana, Bad Religion and Green Day while women roar onto the scene in defining bands such as Bikini Kill and L7, establishing punk as an enduring force, its spirit living on in the broader culture as we know it today.

  • SEASON PREMIERE: Deep State episode 201 premieres Sunday, April 28th at 9 PM ET/PT, 8 C

    “Cicero”: In Mali, four US Special forces and a translator are supposedly killed in an ambush. This delays a procurement deal in Washington with the Malian government, off which the deep state are set to profit significantly. It is up to their operative, Nathan Miller, to make sure everything goes to plan, whilst also battling to keep his family together. Stars Walton Goggins, Joe Dempsie and Alistair Petrie.


    WORLD TV PREMIERE: Air Strike premieres Monday, April 2nd at 11 PM ET/PT 10 C

    Starring Bruce Willis and Adrien Brody and featuring thrilling dogfight action, this intense epic portrays China’s brave battle to stop the Japanese bomber strikes of WWII. Also stars Ye Liu, Rumer Willis, Seung-heon Song and Shengyi Huang. Directed by Xiao Feng.


    WORLD TV PREMIERE: Weightless premieres Tuesday, April 3rd at 12:15 AM ET/PT 11:15 PM C

    An emotionally troubled man is forced to care for the obese 10-year-old son he has never met. Together they embark on a high-stakes journey to determine their future together, even as the world tries to tear them apart. Stars Johnny Knoxville, Julianne Nicholson, Alessandro Nivola and Siobhan Fallon Hogan. Directed by Jason Albertin.


    WORLD TV PREMIERE: Time Freak premieres Tuesday, April 23rd at 12 AM ET/PT 11 C

    Physics prodigy Stillman is destined for great things, only to be derailed when his girlfriend, suddenly dumps him. But Stillman isn’t beaten, he does what any heartbroken genius would do –he invents a time machine to get a second chance at love. Stars Asa Butterfield, Sophie Turner and Skyler Gisondo. Directed by Andrew Bowler.


    WORLD TV PREMIERE: After Darkness premieres Tuesday, April 30th at 12 AM ET/PT 11 C

    As the sun burns out, an American family gathers at the end of the world, their hopes for rescue slowly crumbling as they also confront long lasting divides amongst each other. Stars Natalia Dyer, Kyra Sedgwick and Tim Daly. Directed by Batan Silva.

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