Simplifies the TV Everywhere Experience by Making Content Available to Any Connected TV Device with a Single Tap

New York, NY — (May 04, 2017) – Premium entertainment network EPIX today announced that it has launched EPIX Cast, a new feature that allows users to cast EPIX content from their Apple and Android devices to any connected TV device without the need for additional hardware. A pioneer in cross-platform viewing, EPIX is again advancing the “TV Everywhere” experience by making it easier for all audiences to enjoy its content on connected TV devices with the touch of a finger on their smart phones. EPIX Cast launches this week with Smart TV models from LG, Sony, Vizio and others, as well as Google Chromecast and Sony connected Blu-ray Players. Other devices including Samsung Smart TVs, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, TiVo and Xbox will be enabled in the coming weeks.

“From the very beginning of the creation of EPIX, our network has been focused on reaching consumers wherever they are, whenever they want and with an experience that is unrivaled in the market today,” said Mark Greenberg, EPIX CEO. “With this new feature, we’re once again leading the charge on advancing the consumer viewing experience”.

Added Jon Dakss, Chief Digital Officer, EPIX, “When you consider that 75% of all broadband-enabled households now have a Connected TV device, the opportunity is enormous. We’re excited to add this to our long list of industry firsts, helping advance the TV Everywhere experience, and simplifying the streaming experience for our subscribers”.

To launch the feature, EPIX has partnered with start-up Vizbee, the pioneer of ‘Vizbee Device Network’ -a mobile-centric network of all video devices in a household, to enable the EPIX app to seamlessly connect to any Connected TV device and cast content effortlessly from any authenticated mobile device to the TV.

New Features

EPIX Cast has expanded the TV Everywhere experience to reach all owners of Smart TVs and Connected TV devices including Blu-ray disc players across the country. The new features include:

Vizbee-powered “Tap to TV” casting to various connected TVs from the phone
Viewing can be started on one TV and switched to a different TV in the home if the viewer decides to change rooms
IOS or Android devices can be used normally once program begins playing on the TV and will continue playing even if the device turns off
The movie library and extensive content choices available on EPIX apps will be available through EPIX Cast – enhancing choice for viewers

EPIX has also enhanced the app with personalized promotion and communication features. EPIX Cast learns when users are most receptive to programming promotions — such as when the user is typically home watching TV — and can alert the user to EPIX movie and original programming premieres for them to cast to a connected TV device.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (“MGM”) announced earlier this month that it will acquire full ownership of EPIX, having reached an agreement to acquire the interests held by joint venture partners Viacom, Paramount and Lionsgate. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is anticipated to close this month.