Episode 2

Raul Sanchez


After 3 tours of duty on the front lines in Iraq, Raul Sanchez was discharged from the Airborne Infantry and diagnosed with PTSD which led to crippling anxiety attacks and drug addiction. He was driving around San Antonio and decided to try an open mic to see if it would help with his anxiety. It didn’t help but it he did well at the open mic. Soon after he decided to enter some competitions and won. He was on drugs when he won his first competition. He decided to stop doing drugs, but was worried that he wouldn’t be funny anymore. Luckily, he was funnier off drugs. Comedy isn’t something he ever thought of going into. When he was 14, he would stay at his cousin’s house and they had HBO. He would watch stand up specials and was drawn to them. In his stand up, he talks about his military experiences and says it helps him cope with his PTSD.