April Quinn

Played By Megan Stevenson


Megan Stevenson stars in GET SHORTY as “April Quinn,” an attractive, upwardly-mobile studio exec who used to be Rick’s assistant. She’s totally career focused, and her idea of a good movie is a franchise film that grosses a fortune. But she’s got a past, and Miles uses it against her. She is forced to work with Miles, and hates him for it.

Megan Stevenson was born and raised in San Diego, California. She studied ballet from an early age and developed a love for stage performance which eventually led to a love for acting. Upon graduating high school, she moved to New York to pursue her theatrical ambitions and spent several years performing at the Upright Citizens Brigade and in Off-Broadway shows.  After booking her first pilot for ABC Family, she relocated to Los Angeles. She has since worked steadily as a guest star (Californication, 30 Rock) and was most recently Andy Daly’s costar on the Comedy Central show, Review. On the feature side, her credits include the New Zealand comedy Gary of the Pacific, The Bounce Back and Silver Lake.