New Leaf

Played By Chris Conrad

Chris Conrad stars in PERPETUAL GRACE, LTD. as “New Leaf,” a former convict whose attempt at legitimacy via small business ownership is thwarted by Ma and Pa. Losing everything, he directs that violence and intensity toward hunting the stranger he believes to be responsible – the same identity James just assumed.

Chris Conrad has worked in TV and film on more than 42 projects with such notable actors as Ryan Gosling, Hilary Swank, Jack Black, James Woods, Seth Green, Shannon Doherty, Richard Harris, Sean William Scott, and Robert Duvall, and such leading directors as William Friedkin, Phillip Noyce, Steve Conrad, Rob Bowman, TJ Scott, and Luis Llosa.


Conrad most recently was a series regular on the Critics’ Choice-nominated Amazon espionage dramedy “Patriot,” where he portrayed Milwaukee office worker Dennis McClaren, to whom intelligence officer John Tavner (portrayed by Michael Dorman) reveals his cover, needing his help to pass a drug test. Conrad’s performance was singled out in Jeff Jensen’s show review in “Entertainment Weekly,” in which he wrote, “Chris Conrad provides very funny support as a very square, excitement-starved junior exec and hard-bodied fitness nut who becomes privy to John’s secrets and scampers after him hoping to help.”


Conrad’s feature films include the action-drama “Clear and Present Danger,” martial arts-adventure “Mortal Kombat: Annihilation,” action-drama “The Specialist,” adventure-comedy “Airborne,” and adventure-fantasy “Young Hercules,” the prequel to the popular TV series. His television credits include “Criminal Minds,” “Bones,” “Young Hercules,” “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” “JAG,” “Life,” and “Connie Banks the Actor.”


He was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.