Emma Daly

Played By Carolyn Dodd


Carolyn Dodd stars in GET SHORTY as “Emma Daly,” Miles and Katie’s twelve-year-old daughter. A smart and sensible kid, she and Miles are very close. Through Miles, Emma gets pulled into the whirlwind of showbiz.

Carolyn Dodd is a high-energy performer and entertainer with a fun-loving personality. She seemed to be born to act and started playing out multiple characters at the age of four. Carolyn started acting when she was seven years old in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. After a few years of professional musical theatre, her family decided to relocate to Los Angeles to enrich Carolyn with more acting opportunities.


Once in Los Angeles, Carolyn took part in numerous improv and acting classes. Right away Carolyn started booking roles in commercials and television. Carolyn’s first summer in L.A. she booked a role in a web series called The Adventures of Catty Wompus in which she played the character of Catty Wompus. Carolyn has been on various shows and networks playing fun characters.


When she auditioned for the role of Emma on “Get Shorty,” it seemed like it was meant just for her. She loved the script and the fact that she got to play Chris O’Dowd’s daughter and filming with Ray Romano was amazing.


When she is not on set, you can find her body boarding, swimming, singing, playing the ukulele, writing songs or shows, and hanging out with family and friends. Carolyn also enjoys creating and editing her own videos for her YouTube channel, “Carolyn Kelly”.