Noah Legrande

Played By Adrien Jolivet

Adrien Jolivet as Noah in DEEP STATE.

Adrien Jolivet stars in DEEP STATE as “Noah Legrande,” French, 30’s, Anna’s brother. Anna and Noah went into foster care when their parents died and Noah’s life became more chaotic. He’s a charming, life-affirming mess. A man whose great plans never end up amounting to much. A loving brother, deep down he’s resentful of Anna and her perfect life.

Adrien Jolivet is the son of famous French director Pierre Jolivet (who is best known for his work on Le Dernier Combat, Subway and My Little Business).


Adrien is an actor and composer. He has had lead roles in Jean-Louis Milesi’s 2003 TV film Fragile, and has participated in short films including Baby Shark and The Case of O. In 2005 he starred in Zim and Co. directed by his father. His other credits include In the Arms of My Enemy and The Snows of Kilimanjaro. Adrien is also the leader, singer and guitarist of the group Jolijo.