EPIX – Stream Download or Cast Thousands of Movies and TV Episodes


The EPIX Digital team does truly astounding work, achieving more in 2018 than teams 3-4 times its size. Comprised of only 35 US employees and 15 offshore developers, the team spans Product Engineering, Product Management, Product Design, Product Engagement and Data Science. It is responsible for designing, developing and operating EPIX’s entire digital platform and app portfolio including 15 streaming apps, EPIX.com, as well as its custom-built CMS and API platform.


EPIX Digital runs completely in Agile/Scrum, working in 3-week “sprints” where all features/fixes/improvements are captured and planned as user stories or “tickets.” In 2018 the team completed and shipped 7,500 tickets, nearly doubling their productivity from 2017 and shipping updates to all platforms at least once per every work day of the year. Among its accomplishments in 2018:


– Launched 4 new custom-built streaming apps: for PlayStation, Android TV, Xbox and Roku

– First network to launch 4K Ultra HD streaming for entertainment content

– Many new cross-platform features shipped including an Enhanced Binge experience and Cast & Crew search from titles

– Migrated its API platform to microservices and containers, code changes put through 10,000 automated tests and regularly load tested at 100x peak traffic



The following is a list of some of the most compelling features EPIX has built into its app experiences:

– Robust Multi-platform streaming: Whether on the go or on a connected TV device at home, use the EPIX app to stream 1000s of Hollywood hit movies and exclusive original series. Pause on one device and the app remembers where you left off no matter what device you use to keep watching.

– 4K Ultra HD Streaming: enjoy an even more brilliant viewing experience with 4K Ultra HD streaming. Currently available on Apple TV and coming soon to all supported platforms.

– Enhanced Binge: easily jump into the next episode of your favorite EPIX original series as soon as the credits start to roll — or don’t – the choice is yours!

– EPIX Cast: with the EPIX mobile app you can cast movies and episodes streaming on your phone to any connected TV screen, no Chromecast required, including TV sets from Samsung, LG, Vizio and Sony

– Offline Viewing: also with the EPIX mobile app, download movies, episodes and more to watch anytime, anywhere without worrying about a network connection

– Curated Collections: on any EPIX app you can easily browse through a diverse selection of hundreds of titles expertly selected by our staff of movie buffs

– Advanced Search: you can search for and find content by title, actors, crew members and keywords

– Connected Cast & Crew: Discover other EPIX movies and shows your favorite actors, directors or other crew members are in by clicking their names on movie and show detail pages

– Queue & History: wherever you watch EPIX, you can access your list of titles to watch (and add them in app), plus easily find what you already watched and want to watch again

– Live TV: with our app on our connected TVs and gaming consoles, like Apple TV or Roku, you can kick-back and stream all four EPIX channels watching what’s live right now

– Stream in your car: EPIX was the first premium network to launch its streaming experience inside a Connected Car! Watch EPIX in the rear seats of your Honda Odyssey.

– Trailers: preview movies, shows and episodes before you press play



The truly diverse EPIX team loves working hard together, and loves its customers, and it shows. It has achieved a 5-star rating on Apple platforms where users are notoriously critical. To foster a creative teamworking culture EPIX ran a 24-hour Hackathon where this year’s winners received drones and smart speakers. And a highly important part of the team’s culture is celebrating its diversity; two-thirds of the US team is of a minority/international background! There is truly no Digital team like it.



EPIX: The First TV Network To Stream 4K Ultra HD Movies In The USA

EPIX was founded with the tagline “We Get BIG Movies” and was early in its adoption of broadcasting and streaming HD video. As the adoption of 4K Ultra HD has now hit some critical inflection points in the US (100% of all large-format TVs sold are now 4K, 4K TV sets being sold for <$300, etc) EPIX was ready to enter this new area and provide an even greater experience for its distribution partners and its viewers. First unveiled in February of 2018, EPIX became the first US premium network to stream 4K Ultra HD content to its users.


Launching first on Apple TV, EPIX began streaming Hollywood hit movies in glorious 4K Ultra HD with Dolby Digital Plus audio including titles such as The Arrival, The Magnificent Seven, Star Trek Beyond and Transformers: The Last Knight. In addition, EPIX distributed 4K movies through its Pay TV partners including DISH Network and Layer3. In doing so, EPIX became the first premium TV network in the US to stream 4K Ultra HD through its own apps, and through Pay TV distributors. This event has been considered a key industry milestone in the rollout of 4K Ultra HD technology for consumers.


To achieve this industry first was a massive undertaking across many areas, exacerbated by how bleeding-edge 4K streaming truly is. Technically it required EPIX to encode video in 11 different renditions and resolutions, with the highest bitrate being up to 21 Mbps. Fine-tuning the appearance of our content across myriad TV devices required many video experiments to optimize quality and resolution with various compression techniques and bitrates. Many members of the team also tested the content at home to analyze quality on various TV panels over different broadband speeds. If it were easy to do, EPIX probably wouldn’t have been the first!

Additional insights were reported in the following article from FierceCable:

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